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Miraland Kids

Miramare Queen Hotel

Fun for everyone

Mini Club

4 — 11 Years Old

A diverse range of activities led by trained professionals includes children's creativity, pool games, sports, and various other forms of entertainment.

Teenager Club

12 — 16 Years Old

Our experienced specialist teachers have designed entertaining and educational programs for teenagers, including board games, sports competitions, contests, and tournaments.

Sport & Entertainment

Miramare Queen Hotel Kids Club with daily changing concepts will make your children's holidays even more entertaining. Thanks to the colorful decor, costumes and face coloring suitable for the theme of the week, the little guests will feel like fairy-tale heroes.

Theme Days

From June to September, a 14-day KIDS FEST is also held on tennis courts for the whole family.

Theme Days

From June to September, a 14-day KIDS FEST is also held on tennis courts for the whole family.

Western Day

By donning cowboy and Indian costumes, your children can immerse themselves in the world of Western heroes.

Pirates Day

Young guests can embark on an exhilarating pirate-themed adventure that awaits them.

Mini Chef

With the guidance of our staff, young aspiring chefs can unleash their creativity and culinary skills by preparing pizzas and a variety of cookies.

Halloween Day

Our young guests will have a thrilling and enjoyable experience while dressed in ghost costumes, combining fun and excitement.

Olympic Day

The children, accompanied by their parents, will participate in a sports Olympiad, where they will not only experience immense joy from the games but also understand the essence of the idea that 'the main thing is not victory, but participation'.

Car Painting Day

The car painting activity offers an unforgettable experience by combining art and entertainment.

Science Day

In addition to fun, our little guests will enjoy and learn by making new discoveries in the exciting atmosphere of science.

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